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8. januari 2017


The game is still popular and we get thousands of inquiries.
Why won’t my spore open on Mac. We’re updating the guide and this is supposed to answer all your questions

First the following facts about Spore
Spore runs stable and safety on the latest macOs Sierra

Where is the game not running?
On virtual machines which simulate a mac platform
On newer iMac’s which used a higher screen resolution. Please start the game always in windowed mode
Remember; Spore is an older game and doesn’tt support the current screen resolutions

How do I install Spore correctly on  Mac
Download the game through Origin with an EA ID or install via CD with an extern Disk Drive
First: MakeaRight-click on the game cover, disable Origin in the game
Under Properties, copy your code with ⌘C
Install the game
Open the game, you are asked if you should patch the game, say no
When the game is open, first set the final screen resolution und Settings in Spore
Close the game
Open again the game, you will be asked if you want to install the patch.  Say yes installed all four patch
When everything is installed, open the game again
Set again the final settings, screen resolution, download cache etc
Then log in via the main menu, see below left corner
Where can I find the Spore folder

Navigate under 
\Users\[YourUserName]\Library\Preferences\SPORE Preferences\p_drive\User\Application Data\Spore\

In this folder you will find all the important data, including your saved games = Folder Games

Folder Preferens
You’ll find the login files prop. If you have a problem with the login, you should delete it. Both files refresh it, if you start the game again

This cache is important, it is the brain of your sporepedia. All downloads and creations can be found in tmp files

GraphicCache package
Must be deleted from time to time. They getting larger with time and can cause in game problems

Deleting Spore Cache on Mac

On PC,read here
Expand the cache size in Spore under settings/graphic
Open Spore and navigate under the settings, keep an eye to the graphic size

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Which folders do I need to backup for a restore!

Documents/ My Spore Creations and
/Library/Preferences/SPORE Preferences/p_drive/User/Application Data/Spore/Preferences/Games
Bad Data Error and 
How can I change the language code in Spore Before you change the config, make a backup of it
Navigate under-> Users/YourUserName/Library/Preferences/SPORE Preferences/

Right click ”Config” and Open with TextEdit -> Scroll down and keep an eye under following line

Type now the following countries code in the same line. Save it

The Languages support Spore.

cz-cz: Czech
da-dk: Danish
de-de: German
el-gr: Greek
en-gb: British
en-us: American English
es-es: Spanish
fi-fi: Finnish
fr-fr: French
hu-hu: Hungarian
it-it: Italian
nl-nl: Dutch
no-no: Norwegian
pl-pl: Polish
pt-br: Brazilian
pt-pt: Portuguese
ru-ru: Russian
sv-se: Swedish

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Can’t login to the Spore Server
Refresh the login.prop in Spore

Direct path
\Users\[YourUserName]\Library\Preferences\SPORE Preferences\p_drive\User\Application Data\Spore\

Check your Firewall Ports
TCP ports
#1 Spore on Mac won’t start

Spore on Mac and its DLC is only available as a digital download
This can lead to small start-up issue
Using these settings, the game should work without problems

1. Open Origin, navigate to settings in Origin
2. Note again: Spore does not run on virtual machines that simulate a Mac platform

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#2: Spore wont start

Navigate under ▶ ️Library / Preferences / SPORE Preferences / config with the text editor open the file and change the backbuffer


Navigate under Programs, right-click on App ”Show package contents”. Now navigate to the folder Contents ▶ ️ MacOS and start the game via one of the cider exce

22. februari 2015

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Spore Creepy and Cute parts pack won’t load & install on Mac via Origin

The secret why you cannot do this is so simple. Anyone who has previously played the game on PC has of course, continued the digital download in Origin.

Therefore it is visible in Origin also on Mac platform
But the pack is not compatible with the Mac and therefore you cannot install it either

Spore CC is only available for the PC platform


There is a way to install CC on Mac if you have a physical version
Navigate to the Spore app in application, right-click say ”Show package content” >Contents> Resources > transgaming > c_drive > Spore > Data and add within the data folder the SPORE_BP1

DVD install path: /Applications/SPORE/Spore.app/Contents/Resources/transgaming/c_drive/SPORE_BP1/Data (Spore Booster Pack)

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A good question from a Spore players i in EA AHQ.

How can I add a buddy in Spore!

Looking for your friend via Sporepedia (website or ingame of Sporepedia)
If you press one of this creations, keep an eye on my pic - you can add via the + icon
This works aswell ingame Sporepedia

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Alien Bommel is a private independent Gaming website with games we love to play. Yes we support accessible games  and yes EA has some in its range Heart

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What happens if  my screen name are deleting?

Be careful what you do with your screen name. A useful guide from Spore com who explains what is a screename, what is the -Default screen name

all screen names will use the same Master Account. Deleting a screen name deletes all of the creations, Achievements and Sporecasts associated with that screen name.

EA AHQ Can't Login Using Sporescreenname
EA AHQ cant log into alt users on spore.com

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Alien Bommel is a private independent Gaming website with games we love to play. Yes we support accessible games  and yes EA has some in its range Heart

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