Simcity Buildit and why EA does not support the loyal fans
I'm really disappointed that EA does nothing. I do not invest money in the game anymore
We came across the same group last weekend, who cheated in the war last year.

Our game was just 3 minutes old, as with the Comic Hand attacks all citys, they reaching 10,000 points and 7 minutes later reaching 30,000.

The end of the whole thing was that with 100 thousand ended the game.
Although I already reported this group last summer, pictures were sent. Now I have to realize that EA keeps these players in the game. That they continue to tolorate such idiots. I would like to know how you see it!
Hopeful you published my post Liz  Rolleyes
Hey there!

our team hit so often cheaters. It is almost routine that you find them several times a month.
This must be players, who play on Android, ios you can not manipulate.

We did a lot of screenshot. We contact at the support. Nothing happened, btw the situation is the same just in time.

I just do not understand, why is no report button there , as in the other games!

I have stopped playing this game as long as EA is not willing to do anything against the floods of cheaters.

I do not understand that EA still allow this game on Android, if you can manipulate this. It would have to be blocked, surely they do not want that. Because then a large amount of players fall away, which iphone, ipad are too expensive.

I could really understand your frustration
Agree. It's a neverending story and damn it annoying. Confused
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It is a big disappointment that EA cheaters are supporting, kicking the right loyal fans in his ass.

Our group met another group who cheated of a kind and what i  new too me. For android, there is a hack that allows you, work with war battle boosters without limit.  After the battle, I researched about it in internet, this aggressive tactic was really new to me. 

I wondered that in half an hour a player could sticky 6 jackpots per player, which ran for 20 minutes. He put then again each player in his group a protection. When the battle was over, my group counted on 8 players. The idiot really put 38 Jackpot. You can not tell me that this was purchased normally!

This group had more than 100,329 points, while we reached 47,092 points.

Our group has now dissolved because we no longer support EA and invest our hard-earned money in a game that is flooded only by cheaters. Please publish this post. I want to say all players. Stop playing with this game, this game is not a game where fair play is not desired
I can confirm what you write. I first thought it would be a bug until another player said. No, this hack is for Android and many are using it, you can not manipulate ios. I am meanwhile, that this game may not be made available to Android anymore, if EA does not have the opportunity to block such players.
While at Fifa, Battlefield are very aggressive in blocking players, Simcity buildit just can not.
It's a joke to report a player. The last time I did that, I was report an player to support, those guy say to me - > I should not report other players - you do not! I was shocked by the statement from this supporter.
I also stopped with the game, the reason was exactly the same in the mayor challing. There, many have cheated and still do, EA just is not awake in these things.
@NoName @Mayor Frank , agree completely with you.

Your experience is not foreign to me. We play the game since the beginning. Last year, we met 38 teams who had a hacked game. Considering that year has 52 weeks, that's a proud statistic.

In 2019, we already met 8 teams, the last one was Sunday. Exactly same tactics that you describe Frank, we also experienced. It was an inferno for us.

We players who play on ios, are those who look frustrated in every challenge

Ok, I've already reported several times, nothing happened.
I even gave links to videos that are on Youtube and is officially shown how a hack works on Android. What world do we live!

We met the same team in December, which I had in March 2018 and which I have reported. The team was still active, although I reported them. I write down of each battles an history, which we played - Is our own stats.

so we can say well when and where we played. I was really disappointed that EA had done nothing.

Our group has been inactive since last night too.
We gave up the game. We played it since the release, sad but true - we finished it. Of course, I publish every posting that contains the bitter truth.

Byebye SimCity Buildit.
Alien Bommel is a private independent Gaming website with games we love to play. Yes we support accessible games  and yes EA has some in its range Heart

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