How Do I create a Mayor’s Club in SimCity BuildIt
Hey Mayors,

EA has already launched a detailed [url=][/url]
I added some pictures with info[/size]
Once you reach level 18, you can create your own Mayor’s Club or join a pre-existing Club. Find the Mayor’s Club House just off your coast, near the Contest of Mayor’s Island.
Create a Club and be the Club President
If you create a Club, you become the Club President
Click Create in the Club menu
Choose a Club Name and add a Club Description
Set the Club Type
You can also search for a club via the TAGs or by name

The Mutschis Club
Club Leader > Mike Andersson and Senior Liz Andersson
Club Name ”The Mutschis”
Description > Under the sign of the red cats, we are make here sweeping trade-sometimes on velvet paws, sometimes with ours claws. The Mutschis Club is a private Mayor Club with family members. Do not contact this club, requests will not be accepted

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