Låt det snöa, låt det snöa – Homer och resten av Springfielder firar jul
Att besök jultomten på nordpolen [Image: jul1.gif]
Postad 5/12/2018

It’s snowing in Springfield, which means only two things… global warming hasn’t hit mobile games yet and “A Simpsons Christmas Special” has arrived! Join the Simpsons Family as Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie all share their very own Christmas tales in this 4-part event! That’s right – 4 times the fun and 4 times the presents! That’s even more than kids of divorce get!
Play now and get into the spirit of getting!

Start: 05.12.2018 från kl. 15:00
Slut: 02.01.2019 till kl. 15.00

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