The Ultimate Club Wars Guide for SimCity BuildIt
Hey Mayors!

With our guide, we would like to present you the new features, which have integrated with the latest update of Maxis and EA from Finland to SimCity BuildIt.

A new era begins and I know that many are horrified about the new feature. So let's look behind the scenes of this update and "we defuse the name war".

Club Wars is nothing else to trigger disasters in others cities. Disaster has in SimCity series have long been a tradition and this is continued in the mobile game. Therefore no stress EA has nothing new integrated to annoy you

In this case, you can trigger these disasters with other players, Dr.Vu is your assistant. He is the one where has always caused disasters and he is your personal helper.

Let's take a look behind the scenes of Dr. Vu disaster management and how does it work
    1. How many majors require a club so you can fight against others cities
    2. Requirement 10 Mayors, Total 25 Mayors
    3. It is possible that I leave the mayor's club at any time, if this does not participants in challenges or have tons inactive members
    4. Yes you can, press I Press the letter i and I will open a new window

    5. From where you start a disaster
    6. Visit the Fortress of Dr. Vu

    7. It is possible that every Mayor in your club destroy another city
    8. .Correction. Each mayor in a group can perform interactions , but only the mayor and senior can open a War.
    9. Its a strategy  useful or not
      Absolutely, you should be tactical plan. Each club, has strong members & metropole, only the strongest can protect the weakest cities. This will also change the damage rates in your own city
    10. Can other players destroy my city completely (realtime)
      No, that's impossible, this is just a simulation. After a few hours after the simulation you have your old city back. So that you did not get much damage during the simulation, you should be able to produce enough war items, discuss good tactics with friends.
    11. We got a question. Is it possible to leave the club at any time, when this is in the Battle. Nope, not possible. Only when the war is over, you can remove member

  1. Any city that has been completely destroyed can be repair itself.
    You can see it by a shield over the city.
  2. Can I also protect my city differently except with MaxisMan. Yes, you can do this by having enough shields

  3. What are the different disasters awards and classes
  4. Already in the various SC series there were tons of different disasters. We remember back at the robot, wich walk across the city, etc. These are practically all known disasters you can trigger

  5. How to start a disaster in another city
  6. In order to be able to perform an interaction, you have to fulfill Dr.Vu's orders and go to his production site. This is below the airport
  7. What is the name of our club Alien Bommel created by Mike Andersson
  8. The Mutschis Club
  9. Club Leader > Mike Andersson and Senior Liz Andersson
  10. TAGS > #DKBM
  11. Description > Under the sign of the red cats, we are make here sweeping trade-sometimes on velvet paws, sometimes with ours claws. The Mutschis Club is a private Mayor Club with family members and other gamers
  12. I hope that I could take the fear  a bit and could answer some questions. The topic will always updated

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Updated 23/11/2017

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 Unlock the various Disasters in Simcity BuildIt

Finally the luck kissed me and I got stronger catastrophes for my opponents

Here's the different Disasters Class
We list a number of normal disasters, to the rare ones in SimCity BuildIt
Class S

Comic Hand
Damage Points 1
War Points 100
Energy Cost 1
Launching Requires
1 Plunger, 1 Rubber Duck

Shrink Ray
Damage Points 3
War Points 300
Energy Cost 3
Launching Requires
1 Pliers, 2 Megaphone

Giant Rock Monster
Damage Points 2
War Points 200
Energy Cost 2
Launching Requires
1 Hydrant, 1 Telescope

Not in Kansas
Damage Points 3
War Points 300
Energy Cost 4
Launching Requires
1 Anvil, 1 Propeller

Class M

Tentacle Vortex
Damage Points 2
War Points 200
Energy Cost 3
Launching Requires
1 Plunger, 1 Rubber Duck, 2 Propeller

Flying Vu Robot
Damage Points 4
War Points 400
Energy Cost 4
Launching Requires
2 Cheast, 2 Canister

Disco Twister
Damage Points 6
War Points 600
Energy Cost 6
Launching Requires
1 Megaphone, 1 Pliers, 2 Propellar

Class L

Plant Monster
Damage Points 4
War Points 400
Energy Cost 4
Launching Requires
2 Plunger, 2 Canister, 2 Rubber Boots

Damage Points 7
War Points 700
Energy Cost 7
Launching Requires
1 RubberDuck, 3 Rubber Boots, 3 Hydrant

Ancient Curse
Damage Points 8
War Points 800
Energy Cost 8
Launching Requires
1 Rubber Boots, 2 Megaphone, 3 Telescope

Class XL

16 Tons
Damage Points 6
War Points 600
Energy Cost 6
Launching Requires
1 Pliers, 2 Hydrant, 4 Anvil

Damage Points 9
War Points 900
Energy Cost 9
Launching Requires
1 Canister, 2 Telescope, 5 Cheast

First Published 8. Nov 2017

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How works the Battle Booster in SimCity Buildit

Read below


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Disaster Cards will be raised from 10 to 15 in SimCity Buildit


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